Protest Poems - Special Edition

PoetryBridge is collaborating with Lyn Coffin who is editor for a special North American Poetry Edition hosted by Last Bench Journal in the UK (see below announcement). The edition will focus on unpublished protest poems. Lyn will be emceeing what is the North American Kickoff of this project and I am excited PoetryBridge can be involved.

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Thank You for Your Articles

Recently I asked you all to submit articles, essays, interviews... whatever you thought might be of interest to the PoetryBridge community, so the website would evolve into a site where most of the content would come from you readers.

As you can see, Pamela Carter, Christopher Anderson, Arleen Williams and Christopher Jarmick have all recently contributed. WOW! Thanks you!

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Teresa Who Prefers to be Called Lorraine

a short story by Christopher Anderson

One evening I was in the mood for a beer and walked up to the Beveridge Place with my dog. They allowed dogs because they didn’t serve food. I passed a good-looking blonde, who looked me over. I engaged the look and got in line for a beer. 

            I sat with my beer and my dog. The blonde came over. “Buy me a beer?”

            “Buy you a beer?” 

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Memoir & Why I Do It

by Arleen Williams

A while back, I was driving home to Seattle from eastern Washington with my sisters. I sat in the back seat. As we drove over Snoqualmie Pass and started the descent into the Puget Sound lowlands, I noticed two police vehicles parked in an open area, perhaps a weigh station parking lot, to the north of the highway. One was an SUV, the other a sedan. Both were black. They were parked head-to-head with the drivers’ windows aligned. The SUV was on the highway side, almost blocking the view of the sedan.

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Dear West Seattle and Beyond,

It is with the most profound gratitude that we can say we have raised the funds needed to purchase and preserve the coffee house.

Thousands of us stood together to say that community matters, and that a true community space like the coffee house is worth saving. That same spirit and kindness has always made C & P what it is.

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