Protest Poems - Special Edition

Lyn Coffin

Lyn Coffin

PoetryBridge is collaborating with Lyn Coffin who is editor for a special North American Poetry Edition hosted by Last Bench Journal in the UK (see below announcement). The edition will focus on unpublished protest poems. Lyn will be emceeing what is the North American Kickoff of this project and I am excited PoetryBridge can be involved.

I met Lyn at the recent Cascadia Poetry Festival in Anacortes and was impressed with her outstanding contributions to poetry and her commitment to encouraging poets who want to be published.

If you think you have written some poems that would match the kind of poetry that the Last Bench Journal is seeking, review everything you have written in the past two years that might reflect what they are caling a "current shift in political consciousness". Or even better, write a poem NOW that does so.

If you show up and read your poem, that will constitute a automatic submission to the North American poetry edition. I am eager to hear you read your poems in person. Even if you don't plan on reading a poem, it should be a stimulating event for your poetry listening ears!

Here is the announcement from Lyn for Last Bench Journal. Please distribute the poster everywhere! Thanks.

Last Bench Journal in the UK is hosting a special North American poetry edition. We would like to make this an historical effort reflecting the current shift in political consciousness. Primarily we are looking for unpublished Trump protest poems, but we also invite conservatives and Trump supporters to submit poems on their view of the left and why they voted for and support Trump. We would like to bridge communication between the polar oppositions so we may better understand each other as well as create an historical issue that speaks for the current shifts rightward worldwide. To submit: send up to 3 poems in an attachment to with a 50 word or less bio and exactly where you are located. This edition is open to North American poets only. Last Bench has a worldwide distribution of 10,000 or more copies. Please address Lyn Coffin. The issue is due for release in September 2019. Submissions received after July 31st will not be considered. All entries that fail to follow guidelines will not be considered.

Lastbench addresses the legacy of modernism, exploring the utopian discourses of the twentieth century and the way in which this operates in the context of a changing landscape of creative words and ideologically opposes the concept of literary organisation based on profit making mechanism.

Lastbench works closely with other non-profit organisations to promote and facilitate the opportunity to be involved in creative activity among local community and beyond. Lastbench is a virtual hub, a neutral mediator between writers/artists and readers/audiences by organising regular publications and events
We have a regular literary magazine, which gets published quarterly, featuring translated text from promising writers and poets without any borders, and most importantly which is for free distribution.

'Lastbench' magazine in available in both printed (ISSN: 2045-3299) and online (ISSN:2047-0231) versions. We have 10000 regular subscriber including individuals, universities, poetry society and various organizations around the world.

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