Welcome to PoetryBridge Times which we hope to publish monthly. Our intention is to make this a must go to site for shining the spotlight on our PoetryBridge community of poets, storytellers, readers and avid listeners.

We invite you to participate in any way you can by spreading the word and attending many of the events that serve as the core of our community experience.

We also invite you to contribute with articles, news items, commentary on our Reader's Blog or alerting us to additional events that relate to poetry and storytelling. Please send to info@poetrybridge.net. We're also looking for someone to contribute an original cartoon or comic strip. We're trying to shape the format so it is readable on both computers, tablets and smart phones. Let us know about your experience of this website.

We are part of the community of poets, storytellers and fans of the spoken word that have created so much to our monthly readings at C&P coffee since 2010. Part newspaper, part magazine, part journal, we're not sure how to label it. For now, newspapermagazinejournal. 

Poetrybridge Times grew out of the monthly readings at C&P Coffee, the first reading being in February of 2010.  C&P quickly became a home base for a community of poets and storytellers and those who came to listen to the spoken word. Out of this poetic stew, a vision has emerged to create a more vibrant and inclusive community of poets and storytellers.

Our mission is to promote the best of poetry and storytelling in West Seattle. Not best as in better than, but best as in authentic self-expression, in person, here and now. Best* that in the telling demonstrates diverse forms of bravery, expressiveness, sincerity and truthfulness  

We acknowledge that some of us have a gift or a developed facility at using and playing with words and that is a very good thing. But let it not inhibit any of us from the most natural of human expression, telling each other stories around the campfire and making music out of our own words. Children do it all the time. Picasso was quoted as saying, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” As Koon Woon once put it, if you keep at it long enough, you will find your own distinctive voice. That is what we are aiming for: a community of more distinctive voices and we think that would also be a very good thing.

The editors of Poetrybridge Times are Leopoldo Seguel and Koon Woon.  We believe poetry and storytelling matters and share a common belief that they help create a better world.

You are invited to join us at C&P Coffee the fourth Wednesday of each month, 7-9 PM, at what many of us think is the best coffee home in town, community based, launched in 2003 and lovingly maintained by our artistic sponsors, Cameron and Pete, each with their own distinctive voice.  

We invite you to participate in helping make fulfill our vision, one poem and one story at a time.


Leopoldo Seguel   

Leopoldo Seguel

Koon Woon

Koon Woon