C&P Celebration Party

(Email sent out to the PoetryBridge community)


If you missed C&P's well attended Celebration Party last Sunday, I am including a link to a West Seattle Herald article.

As you may know, I asked twelve of our past PoetryBridge featured readers to help write a collective poem celebrating the successful efforts of the C&P Coffee community to raise enough money to help Cameron and Pete purchase the site so C&P can continue to be a treasure community space. C&P has been our home for the past seven years for our PoetryBridge monthly readings. 

Five of the poets, including Koon Woon, David Fewster, Cheryl Latif, Pamela Carter, Judith Camann and I read the poem to the folks outside by the PoetryPole. I hope you enjoy the poets collaborative efforts which is included in the article.