3rd Saturday Workshop and Poetry is Everything (PIE) reading and open mic 

3rd Saturday Workshop and Poetry is Everything (PIE) reading and open mic  at BookTree bookstore in Kirkland, Wa.  

Every 3rd Saturday of the month BookTree bookstore has a free writing workshop 4:30 to 6:00pm led by poets, writers, or teachers, followed by an evening of poetry (including an open mic) 6:15 to 8:05pm.   It is hosted and curated by BookTree owner, writer and poet Christopher J. Jarmick.  He once lived in West Seattle and is a big supporter of NorthWest poetry, poets, poetry readings and loves C&P and PoetryBridge of course.  Keep it on your calendar - 3rd Saturday- there's a workshop and reading going on in Kirkland.   

Don't miss July 21st-  Poet/musician Jed Myers will facilitate the workshop  It will be "Putting Your Heart on the Line"--an integration of some talk, some writing, possibly some reading of what participants write. Jed will steer clear of the usual here's a prompt there's a prompt everywhere a prompt prompt. I want to help participants practice the real risk of writing from the heart.  Intrigued?  Sound interesting?  SeeYOU on July 21! 

The Poetry reading and open mic will feature Jed Myers and Band of Poets. That's poetry-no chaser and then poetry and music and some improv words and music too. Perfect for a Summer evening don't you think?  BoP players: Ted McMahon (percussion), Rosanne Olson (harmonica, guitar), Anna Jenkins (harp), John Burgess (various effects), and Jed Myers (guitar).  Jed's brand new collection of poetry is a hand-made limited edition collection from Egress Studio Press called Between Dream and Flesh (it will be for sale at event). 

Jed Myers was born in Philadelphia in 1952 to parents of Eastern European Jewish heritage. He studied Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry at Tufts University, graduating in 1974, and went on, after medical training, to pursue a career in psychiatry. He settled in Seattle, where he and his wife raised three children. He kept writing poems, but did not seek publication until the events of September 11th, 2001. Since that time, his work has been widely published. For several years now he has been active in maintaining a consortium of music-and-poetry open-mic cabarets called Easy Speak Seattle. Jed maintains a solo therapy practice and teaches at the University of Washington.  Books include; Watching the Perseids, a book-length collection from Sacramento Poetry Center Press. Winner of the 2013 Sacramento Poetry Center Press Book Award. Honorable Mention in Poetry, 2015 San Francisco Book Festival.  and  The Nameless.

Christopher J. Jarmick - Co-owner of BookTree Kirkland's independent book store --Creative and Freelance Writer - website  Author of Not Aloud (2015 MoonPath Press). PoetryIsEverything Blog.