Our Summer Soiree Series Continues

Once again I am grateful for Koon Woon's recommendation of possible readers as Lew Jones and Katherine Grace-Bond got us off to a great start in June. Lew and Katherine filled our favorite coffee house with new voices with rich and textured sounds and images to my delight and everyone's.

They were followed by our amazing, and that is no hyperbole, Community Micers including Pam Carter, Samantha, Malya, Heidi, Catherine Slaton, Koon Woon, Ether and Fatima. Videos of each of their readings will be posted on the website soon and you will see what I mean.

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Let the Snow Begin - A Review of the June Reading

Let the snow begin

First of all, credit and kudos to Leopoldo for the eighth year he is running this show – PoetryBridge is alive and well in West Seattle at the C & P Coffee, thanks to the kindness and support of Cameron and Pete. I attended with my friends Lew and Katerine the featured readers. At the C & P let the show begin. But for me, however, 

Let the snow begin, you say, let it drift down, downy on farmhouses, let it blanket the inadvertant sounds, so let the snow begin.

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Summer time readings are back-Summer Soirée Series.

We’ve got a sizzling hot bevy of readers line up for what I am inspired to name as our first ever Summer Soirée Series. Now a soirée generally refers to an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.

I admit I am probably playing fast and loose with the term, but we are meeting in a former home to someone, and it is in the evening, and poetry and storytelling are forms of music to my ears, so soirée it is!

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Interview with Cameron & Pete

Our motto is to be kind. Provide a space that’s based on this principle of kindness. You might think that's art and I think you could think of it like that, but for us, it's just to be kind, that's the biggest thing. 

....Because my life is so much better because it’s not my space anymore. It hasn't been my space for a long time. I am much happier and more part of something than I could have ever imagined.

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PoetryBridge Anthology

To qualify for selection for the anthology, poems and stories must have been read at PoetryBridge at C&P, but we do not worry about its publication history. A poem or a story can be published before or after its reading at the C & P, but its being read at the C & P is a must

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Art at The March

Everywhere I looked, I saw a flowing stream of banners, puppets, colorful homemade signs, and the ubiquitous knitted pink pussy hats which created a carnival spirit of celebration and  joyousness that awakened the hope in me that had gone dormant temporarily.

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