PoetryBridge's Season of Light - Two Readings - November & December


As we approach this holiday season which some have named the Season of Light, whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice, Kwanzaa or any other festivities, one thing they have in common during the darkest time of the year, is the celebration of light.

In the spirit of poetic and storytelling adventure, I propose that our November and December Readings to be our own PoetryBridge Season of Light.

Our featured readers will be you and me and anyone who comes to share their stories and poems of gratitude, generosity and renewal at Community Mic.

 I chose these three themes as these are the values that get reawakened in me during this time of year. You may have your own and please follow your own inclinations.

But the idea is for us to share our stories with one another and for those who write poetry to share their poems. Music, song and any other form of dramatic presentation are also most welcome.

So that is the invitation. I await with great anticipation to see what we can create together.

I will start the evening off by reading the following poem.

After I Die

She will finally get a cat
maybe a dog or two
shut up the house
take a long trip to Thailand

sell the television
cancel the daily paper
give away my computers and hand tools
thoroughly clean my office

balance her checkbook by hand
buy practical cars. no Alfa Romeos
replace the fence only after total collapse
stop hiding her chocolates

eat Sunday breakfast at home
build a fire on rainy nights
play my favorite symphonies
read my poems out loud

visit the place of my ashes
walk the long wet beach
remember, quote and pray for me
and one more thing

she will never stop
loving more than I can imagine,
as never before and forever
for as long as she lives