Farmer's Market Poems

We were able to have a Poetry Booth at three West Seattle Farmer's Market this summer, two in June and one in July. It was a good experience. Met a good number of interested poetry fans and distributed lots of pocket poems that I suspect might still be residing in someone's pocket today.

A shout out of thanks to Pamela Carter, Elliot Lemoult, Michael Apau, Valerie Apau, Sam Coleman, Chris Jarmick, Lola Peters, Dorothy Lemoult, Timothy Lowry, Charmaine Seguel, and Lisa Wilkinson whose contributions helped make it all work. And a special thanks to Cameron and Pete who loaned us their canopy and donated C&P coffee.

Here are the first two Market Poems that were created by Market shoppers who stopped by the booth and added a line at a time to form a collective poem focusing on their experience of the market.

June 4th Market Poem

June 11th Market Poem.