Art at The March


I noticed, among many other things, that one of the most striking features of the March for me was the presence of an abundance of creative expression that conveyed not only thoughts but humor, anger, irony, hope, all of which that gave color and texture to the messages conveyed. 

Everywhere I looked, I saw a flowing stream of banners, puppets, colorful homemade signs, and the ubiquitous knitted pink pussy hats which created a carnival spirit of celebration and  joyousness that awakened the hope in me that had gone dormant temporarily.

I heard the occasional chants, although the organizers had asked this to be a silent march, the constant murmur of thousands of people, passing foot steps, but the one sound that raised goosebumps for me was the roar that passed from the back of the march along the three plus miles and back again, a version of the Seattle wave, made popular at sporting events.

Social and political expression was all the more powerful and meaningful to me through the varied forms of individual artistic expression. One particular marcher stood out to me. He carried no sign and made no sound but walked by with a smile, dressed with butterfly wings and a unicorn horn attired in rainbow colored hues as if to say I am the message in all my uniqueness.

I am honoring my Chilean heritage of memorializing significant events with a poem that I share with you here. It is not a great poem, but it is a good poem, because it is heartfelt and honest. Hopefully inspires you to share your own artistic expression.

My March

We are no brown shirted goose stepping army
Designed to elicit fear and trembling
Demanding absolute control and submission to authority

We are a multi-colored art festooned, sign waving sea
Of inspiration and celebration of the life
We aspire to live and now embody with every step

Our diversity undulates through the concrete streets of commerce
Lined with well-wishers, encouragement, gifts of water
A roar passes like a wave from front to back and back again

We are all mighty in purpose and resolve
Respect passes like fluid currency one to another
Our differences bind us together

We are people awake to the enlightenment
Of facts, of science, of logic, of sweet compassion
Our fierce passion for seeking truth is not containable

I am swallowed by a river of hope
I see in every face, in every one
Each person in separateness appears now as one

Tears of joy that this is even possible
A shining light in a darkening world
I am delivered to the beginning of time

Before my eyes, the world I envision
alive in ways so rich in texture
My devouring heart is satiated

Our future is before us
Each step we take
One step closer
Each step we take

Leopoldo Seguel.