Jason Kirk


 daylight saving time

at ferry dock, daydreams rhyme,

take wing, fairly flock


 polyglot folly:

hear not the melancholy

bebop of leaf rot


unlock words of rocks

and birds, non-stop jocular



in audible thrall

to the marbled call garbled

by all waterfalls


 talented talons

of bald eagles maul even

the smartest varmints


claw marks in the bark,

warm cougar scat: cat's warning

maneuvers — true that


 haggard dragonfly,

like a laggard dagger, poised

there in the moist air


 three or four hours

of powerful peace beneath

meteor shower


under different

stars, dissident bard wanders

with cricket at large

Lap of Luxury

 I eat almost every day

at least once, imbibe

clear water and breathable air

in abundance, have

my health, my imagination,

sleep easily at night, sometimes

in my own bed