Brandon Pitts


for my Father and Luciano Iacobelli 

a word

spoken into flesh 

caused my being


like hum to static

or consciousness returning 


beatitude will fall softly 

to lavish this sinner 


with my arms pulled out

I know you are lofty 


palm to palm

east to west

my thoughts have traveled  


be it millennia ago

or centuries into the future

through folding patterns in time


desire gave me body,

and longing 

pumps this heart


 a nail

to prevent these hands 

from reaching



to keep my eye

from seeing 


beyond this life

to a time

where you put finger to lips and whispered,


"shhh... you only have to remember 

that you are precious

and we are all born from love"


 but that far back 

I can no longer see


this earth and wood 

limited by lifetimes

are nailed to my feet


leaving questions so simple 

the answers 

are impossible to perceive 


 so I gaze out

from this cross

and see the sun illuminating clouds


highlighting colours 


sepia and white


in my visions I see storms

auras of molecules 

that compose space and define shape


some moving 

some pulsing 

some breathe through infinite space 


my corpuscles


whose light warms planets

my thoughts produce people

who enter the world

through mothers


and those who will stand while lying down

are those who will travel in time


and those who will travel while sick

will travel back lifetimes


can my sweat create an ocean

or just salt

like the sea?


will my blood carry hadrons

each cell

its own galaxy


where emotions create life

some fantastic light 

and some cancers


thoughts like electric pulses 

spilling out 

and spiralling down


into a slow winding helix


my internal eye


swirling into to a space

where lifetimes are spent

crossing a two second divide 


only to flatten into cubes

until my last inhale

pulls it into a thin hued line

where I will transfigure   

and each particle

will shine


like passengers 

to polar caps

a trillion light years away


from a millisecond 

in a history

so ancient 

it was forgotten 

only to be remembered 

before it takes place

on distant banks 

the same shore 

in some other vicinity


where my anguish 

releases storms


my hour

true meaning


and those who would destroy it

are loved with equal measure

to those who would build it 


for each time I strike in anger

my fist hits 

the prison wall


and each time I expound laughter

I share in the life

of a beloved child


for if I find it 

in myself to forgive

the universe will know joy


then I will understand peace

and my light  

will never expire 


but transform 

beyond this final breath

to the very last ripple


at the centre of time

to the experience 

I have chosen


 therein lies the traveler 

for we are all different degrees

of the same light 

and by giving me life

you have forced me 

to make mountains


and to my Father's hopes

his expectations

will create this situation in me


as I am made in his image

am I a god

like he?


and if I leave this trial

will everything I've created 


is this  

how a small creature

becomes king?


then this I will do 


you asked me