Lew Jones

I Saw the Crows of Summer Charge the Powder Blue Sky

I saw the crows of Summer charge the powder blue sky

Roadwork on the freeway could not stop their mission

Technology w/ all its posture could not halt their flight

Like midnight ink splattered on sunny white sheets

Their ragtag sympathin caught my breath

An array of intent abstract fortitude

Black feathered, eyeballing hell, indignant

They came

Dancing in the air impossible

To shatter Darwin’s dream.


I Struggle to Greet the New Day


I struggle to greet the new day

not because I am lazy

But because I realized the world is crazy

A talent show swamped w/ sailors

This town has grown twice as hot as Pittsburg

Every Steady Eddie wants our real estate

I don’t recognize anyone round here dear

Feels like Michigan, California and New York broke in

Lake Superior’s minus degree wind chilled overachievers

A Bumper to bumper traffic jam dressed up & jelly tight


Slamming computer money down while plebeians sleep in laundry squats

Location, location, police station.

vocation vacation gentrafuckcation

The gym teacher who slammed my small skinny 5th grade body-

Against the wall, made sure

I was dull and ready-

He would be king today

Two realities tango here

a rich moron, a subdued nation

we spent our entire life

Trying to avoid this ilk

A new reality moves in

What was your name again?

Freedom by proxy my friend

No one should struggle to greet the new day

No one should break dance on a pile of pennies.