Hamish Todd

God Lives in the Country

 I'm taking "God" back

from the Christian Coalition

I'm takin' it back from the 

Institution, collection plate,

the Pope's got no business in my bedroom

or the wombs of unwed mothers.


I'm taking God back

from the grumpy old men,

who wave flags 

and bash gay men 

I'm taking my trust out of the God in money

I'm taking my own path and fuck you honey

if you don't like it

Because I dig God

and sin is essential 

if it builds character 

if it doesn't kill you

if you take something away

if you grow

if you have the faintest understanding

that the biggest sin of all is fear 


Fear of failure, fear of the dark, fear of others,

fear of geeks, fear of ugly, fear of Negro, fear of pain,

fear of the truth 

we're scared to death

of what we don't want to know


And the bully's in the pulpit

screaming run for your lives, brother

lay down and die sister

because the second coming is just around the corner

and you'd better get a move on mister

we're trying to run a business here

so you'd better get ready

to kiss your ass goodbye

put some money in the bank

or freeze your semen

but you'd better get busy 

redeemin' your soul


Putting the fearin God is wrong


But, I dig the One True God

I know God as well as any suit

or set of robes and hokey pokey

I'm the one has to go to get to sleep at night

I'm handing out the Sainthoods here

I'm knighting soldiers

with a pat on the back for giving up guns

I'm making Saints out of crazy people

for not giving up

I'm making Saints of every living creature

to give them a chance


I can feel God

I can see God in the arch of a cat's back

feel the God in a dog happy to see me, 

a well cared for dog 

is as loyal as any sun or moon

and equally as important 


I'm taking God back

back from my childhood

back from disenchantment

back from the pages of the Bible

for the Bible is just one book

and everybody knows God is everywhere


Iamtaking God back–– me,

I am, myself, I am empowered

with all the powers in the Universe

I decide what's good for my soul

and I like smiles

I like the sound of the violin

or the sexy of a horn, the way the brass bends

I love the God of sweaty naked moaning

with the woman I love

the stars, 

the heron who lives on the beach

He is giving thanks in the bend of his neck

an electric guitar

fist fights and felopian tubes

and for everything that sucks

there's something better

if only we would grasp it.  If only 

we would take God for what God is

and the biggest Holy is forgiveness

don't take shit

pick your friends wisely 

Learn from your mistakes 

it takes two to be in love 

these are simple truisms that God intended


I don't care if you're Islam or Arab

or Jehovah's Witness, 

Atheists, good luck 

Catholics, count this,

confess in the streets,

forgive each other and give thanks

for your ignorant bliss


I dig God

I think we all do, we're just out of touch

we don't see the stars from our city lives

we don't see the deer, the way it runs,

her delicate face

we forget the sea is full of monsters

so we have no need of Angels or good luck


God is in the question

God knows it's alright to admit you don't know shit

God doesn't want you to know every damned thing

God is in the mystery

God is the shadow in the window

the flicker of the candle


I'm taking God back

I'm taking it back from the metaphysics,

phsycic hotline, card reading,

housewife connected with an Angel

I wish to Christ she had,

she wouldn't need to write a book

and I wouldn't have to see it

cluttering up the shelves along side 

the Godless works of politicians and television stars


I got a bone that digs things fine

that's how I know God

And that's why my enemies hate me

Because I'm so 

                  In love 

                           With life



Back in the beginning, when we were all kind of wild without mirrors; barely with language; not long down from the trees or up from the primordial ooze (Let’s not quibble about origins).  We were thick skulled, hairy animals, men and women, living in caves and underground shallows, not as keen-sensed as our cousin hyena, just only smart enough to seek shelter.  Fear of real dangers, of big creatures, that would lick you up like a bug for a snack-always on the lookout for something to attack you, real monsters; Tyrannosaurus Rex was an omnivore (ate only plants), but you get the idea.  The original newbies, hiding out at night, looking for food in the light, kind of like modern animals, who only have hunters to watch out for- and cars, and pest control, and litter, corporate polluters.

So, they’re sitting around the cave (these early peeps), around a small fire (the TV of the day), built from sticks they’ve gathered during the day. The whole family’s there, Mother, Father, son and daughter.   They’re hanging out, munching on some hairy animal they’ve skinned with stone chips. It was son, now 15 years-old who did the deed, trapped the animal in a pit when it’s leg broke he clubbed it over the head and dragged it home, a big dog or a big deer-like animal.  Sister helped to pull off the hair.  Mother was hammering long grass into a powder that when mixed with water made nutritious little patties for cooking in the fire.  Father, as always sharpening rocks with other rocks, making spears.  Anyway, they’re sitting around the fire having dinner.

Father annoys son.  Son annoys Father, like they don’t have anything better to do than fight.  Is it their nature, yes, it’s the way God created us or the way our genes developed, or whatever, we’re supposed to hate our parents, or it’s why parents have a favorite child.  Daughter can do no wrong in eyes of Father, though Mother is a little more critical.  

So, this goes on, this everyone annoying everyone else, until one day the Son snaps and storms out of the cave, his lizard brain saying,

“Forget this, I’m outta here.”  

And so he stomps off in a huff.  He walks and he walks, cooling off.  Eventually he calms down, is getting hungry.  He sees some lights, a cluster of families; together, living in one big cave.  He goes up and points to his mouth and stomach, indicating need.  C’mon says some kind-natured soul, with a wave of her arm. Pointing to his feet, “Your feet must be killing you.”  He goes into the cave and one family takes him in, feeds him. This new family Dad thinks this kid is funny and brave for walking so far.  New family daughter thinks newbie is handsome, she also thinks he is funny too, and she can smell him.  He smells like musty wood and sweat, but She finds it appealing.  Not to be too revealing, but they have killed some big animals, their skins make good blankets, where two teenagers can get lost.  Nudge nudge, wink wink!

 It is this ability to annoy another family member to the point that they seek escape that prevents incest.  Isn’t that the best news you’ve heard all week?