E.V. Vander Weil


… awake now

a little disoriented

and hungry.

Something crunchy perhaps –

a Nevada snow shadow

    it melts in your warmth to provide water in the sun

a brittle idea

    half-baked, more fragile than burnt.

What about something sweet –

a tongue piercing

    it plays strength on nerve to declare consummation

a subtle longing

    swelled, gilt pain to pleasure.

Perhaps something cleansing –

a climb atop wreckage

    it strips you of assumption and pretense, clinging to exhilaration

a defiant stance

    compelled, a gaze averted now looking down.

Maybe a bit of salt -

a high desert road

    it stretches into the horizon covered in hope and blood

a disparate sacrifice

    offered, noted for its frequency.

Really, something hearty –


    it excuses nothing to free everyone

a slippery gift

    flowing, sacred flames licking us alive

By E.V. Vander Weil
February 2017 Community Mic