Dorothy Lemount


When all becomes quiet and still

 I always find myself looking for the person I used to be. 

When all endings become beginnings and

The hours seem to have dissolved into 


I always find myself wondering

Where have I been? 

When the stars take over

Or a sliver of moon crescents the darkened sky, 

As my eyes adjust to the newfound light,

I always find myself staring into the obscurity of the past.

When everything around me screams to awake, awake, awake and sing

I always find myself persisting that I am lost and can never be found. 

When all that seemed to matter is lost

And sandcastles are rebuilt out of air 

When the eagle lands,

Without grace, 

When the dragonfly

Silently drowns, 

When the whale shores up,

Too tired, 

To swim,

And spouts a final tornado, 

I will know that finding myself was never the point at all.



I remember, 

Smiling, wide butterfly wings 

Running feet on wet sand, 

Reaching beyond cumulus shaped dreams, 

Loving as if our lives depended on it. 


I remember

Jumping with both feet, 

Holding on to our knees, 

Then our nose, 

Then Splash!

That weightless joy,

That comes from not needing anyone to cheer for us,

Or clap for our accomplishments.


I remember tiny tanned arms,  

Droplets of rain on bony shoulders, 

Shells dropping in buckets, 

Sing songing our way back to 

Eating our weight in watermelon,

No one could say no to that. 


I remember

When we knew,

We could sink straight to the bottom

And come right back up

By pressing the soles of our feet 

To the hard ocean floor.


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