June Poetry Booth - A Successful Engagement

West Seattle Farmer's Market Poetry Booth

Our first PoetryBridge Poetry Booth at the West Seattle Farmer's Market on June fourth was lots of fun and a great success as evidenced by the 140 some folks who chose a pocket poem and the 40 some people who added a line to the collective Farmer's Market Poem.

Our intent was to encourage people to both appreciate local poetry and create poetry themselves. We took into account that most market shoppers did not come for the poetry but perhaps would try one of the activities and have a small taste of poetry in their community. 

A special thanks to Pamela Carter, who helped staff the first Poetry Booth for the whole four hours and was instrumental in reaching out to the curious. And much appreciation for Michael Apau, who was there for a couple of hours and read his poetry with great enthusiasm.  Also thanks to Michael's wife, Valerie who provided much encouragement and energy, Sam who helped set up/take down the booth, and Cameron and Pete who loaned us their canopy and donated that great C&P coffee.

Plus our thanks to Chris Jarmick, Lola Peters and Pamela Carter who sent us their pocket poems which were greatly appreciated by those who took them.

We had such a good time we decided to do a second Poetry Booth the following Sunday. this booth was staffed by Taylor Springs, Dorothy Lemoult and Timothy Lowry who had similar results engaging with interested Market shoppers. Once again many folks took pocket poem and contributed to the second Farmer's Market Poem. We will publish that poem later this week.

We will have the third and last Poetry Booth on Sunday, July 23rd, from 10-2. If you would like to help staff it, please contact Leopold Seguel at info@poetrybridge.net. What really worked well this last time is out people doing 2 hour shifts. 

Although we now have a good supply of pocket poems, we could use some new ones, so please send them to the same email address.

We set up 6 chairs and a mic next to the booth and when 3 or more folks gathered there to eat their BBQ or falafels, some of us read our poetry, which appeared to be appreciated by the 'captive' audience.

All in all, a good time was had by all!