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Oct 2018 PoetryBridge at C&P

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Tobin Marsh is a father and husband living the last 18 years in Rainier Valley and Beacon Hill. Raised in Japan, Connecticut and Seattle, Tobin has traveled widely and resided for 6 years in Mexico and Nicaragua. 

 He earned a Master’s in Theology from Gonzaga. Much of his work has been in homeless services, youth development, human rights, and such. Tobin has also worked in stone masonry and house renovation and is currently owner/operator of Seattle Roof Decks. 

Tobin finds personal freedom in long ventures through forests, mountains and deserts. 

Tobin’s poems have been published in Sojourners Magazine, Soundings, Friends Journal, NW Poetry Connection, and Poetry on the Buses. Some of his Spanish language poems have been published in La Letralia andVox Populí.

Read poems Tobin intends to read in October


When Richard Wells was five years old, he desperately wanted to read. His parents, concerned that he would get too far ahead of his peers, told him that when he started school he would know how to read.  

After the first day of school, Richard came home, grabbed a book, plopped into a chair, opened said book, and burst into tears.  

When asked why he was crying, sobbed, “You said when I went to school I’d know how to read…!”  

 A few years later, at the age of 7, after his first brush with the grim reaper, he sat down to write his autobiography…he hasn’t finished it yet.

Read poems Richard intends to read in October

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