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June 2018 PoetryBridge at C&P

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Pamela Hobart Carter is a poet, playwright, teacher, and prose writer who has lived more than half her life in Seattle, Washington. She grew up in Montreal, Quebec, as a landed immigrant.

She has written 6 short books in easy English published by No Talking Dogs Press.  Carter’s work has been published in Barrow Street, The Seattle Star, The Seattle Times, Teaching Young Children, and more. Her plays have been produced and read at various Seattle venues.

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Stacey Dannerof Hood River, Oregon is a CPA by day and a poet by...well, whenever she gets the time to write. She formerly lived in Seattle, where she met her co-readers tonight, Pam and Sam, at summer camp for poets at the Richard Hugo House in 2007. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, namely Skype, the three poets have continued to meet semi-regularly even after Stacey moved to Oregon.

When not crunching numbers or penning rhymes, Stacey loves spending time with her husband, two stepsons, and fluffy dog; swimming; reading; riding her electric bike; and otherwise enjoying life in the Columbia River Gorge.

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Born in Venezuela, Samanthe Knight Shefferhas lived half her life along the north Atlantic and half in the Pacific Northwest.  She has read her prose and poetry, as well as exhibited her photography, at venues and galleries on both coasts.  Her undergrad degree from Wellesley was earned while also attending Wesleyan University and the Universidad de Seville.  

Ms. Sheffer has studied writing with various authors, many via the Stonecoast Writer’s Workshop in Maine and Richard Hugo House in Seattle.  Over the years she has collected salaries from Ms.Magazine, Conde Nast Publications, the Audubon and the MS Societies and Goodwill Industries, among other entities, with a paid stint as a cycling vacation tour leader in the mix.  Her primary addictions are to jasmine tea and being out of doors.  She counts causes, culture, day trips, dancing, ocean swimming, trees and other green growing things, gorgeous food, music parties, deep connections and animal affection among her (too) numerous passions. 

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