Seattle Poetic Grid


Here is a link to the Seattle Poetic Grid which was a project of Seattle’s first Civic Poet, Claudia Castro Luna.

It traces the city in the voices of its citizens, from folks new to expressing themselves in poems to well established and beloved writers.

You will note in the list of contributors, several poets who have either read at PoetryBridge at C&P or are scheduled to read (Bold Type).


Albertson, Amy – My Backyard
Austen, Elizabeth – On Discontent

Baker, Quenton - Transient
Bálint, Anna – Summer in a C.D. Alley
Barrie, Margaret – Eastern Crest
Baumgart, Lily – Volunteer Park
Becker, Carla – Sculpture Garden

Camarillo, Elena - SPL
Cantú, Jim - Tragic Transgression
Cantú, Catalina Marie - Escape
Carty, Bill - From "Bounding Sphere"
Castro Luna, Claudia – Invitation (Excerpt) and A Corner To Love
Chávez, Bertha - Strong, Like a Bridge
Craft, Kevin - Strays

DeFrees, Madeline - Three Things That Make Me Outrageously Happy in March

Estrada-Bataille, Adriana - Lengua Intranquila (Restless Language)

Flenniken, Kathleen – Specialized Knowledge
Francis Flor, Robert – Seattle’s Sixteenth Ave
Friend, Malcom - Afro-Seattleite Fragment #21: Jamal Crawford, or Ode To The Crossover
Fuentes, Victor - Las Cuatro Esquinas (The Four Corners)

Gallo-Brown, Alex - That Winter
García, Karla – The Raspadero
Gardner, Angel - Where I Reside
Girón-Dolce, Nora - La Esquina (The Corner)
Gonzalez, Gaby - Los Cerezos (Cherry Trees)
Guzman, Jen – Green Lake

Hardina, Nicole – 15th and Market (Excerpt)

Izaguirre, Sonia - La Primera Vez (The First Time)

Jaffe, Fredda – New Blue Yodel in D Minor
Jones, Grace – You Are Beautiful and He Is Into Pro Wrestling
Jones, Keiva – Instructions to the Artist

Keith, Jourdan – The Globe Of Your Belly
Kessler, Rachel – Another “Rehab” in the CD
Khalaf Tuffahha, Lena – Orange Blossom

Hugo, Richard – White Center (Excerpt)
Hedges-Blanquez, Sally – 24th and E. Pine

Latif, Cheryl - Uncharted
Lau, Alan – By the ID Station
Levertov, Denise - Settling
Levin, Carol – Water Cannons Redesign the Obstacle
Levy, Susan - Untitled
Lowhim, Nelson - Challenge
Lusignan, Kerry – Found, Lost, Found

MacDade, Geogia – The Greens
Mendoza, Perla – Café Allegro
Merino, Maiah – Old Friend
Miller, Lynn – Fear of Falling
Munro, Jim – Evening Collapsing Into Night

Nahaan - Indigenous homeless?
Nelson, Paul - Blue Demons
Nguyen, Bang - Strange Homecoming

Pai, Shin Yu - Moonviewing
Peñaloza, Michelle - Bench Outside Uwajimaya and Sorrento Hotel

Rich, Susan – Morning Meditation at the Alki Beach Café
Roth, Brian – Beating Heart
Roethke, Theodore – The Heron

Sánchez, Raúl - Kumbhamela for the Crows
Schuman, Tina - Sunday Market – Facing the Rain
Seaborn, Heidi - Grace
Seim, Grace - Wrong Turns
Sims, Imani - When the Waters Rise
Swartz, Lydia - Exhibitionist

Tel Aviv, Kilam – Pike Place Market
Teplick, Ann - Sleeping at Open Books, A Poem Emporium
Torres, Julio César - Seattle Veraniego (Summer in Seattle)
Treat, John Whittier - Smallpox First Came to the Pacific Northwest in 1770

Ware, Jaqueline – Starbucks at Rainier and Edmunds
Weaver, Julene Tripp - Everyone’s Mall: University Village
West, Glenda – Murder for Hire
Wiesenbach, Carol - The House on 8th Avenue
Woon, Koon - The High Walls I Cannot Scale (With apologies to Tu-Fu)

Valdez, Kelcey - The Churro Guy
Vásquez, Maddie – My Grey
Vo, Amanda – Home

Yung, Irene – The Hill Between Us