Jonathan Shipley


I want an IKEA life with you.
One with gifts untold. I want
a life with one of those big
rolly carts - piled high with the
small things that will make our
lives maybe a little more
comfortable. I accept the challenges
of IKEA assemblages later. 
It'll be with you and we'll be half-
drunk and there will still be
lingonberry pancakes in our bellies.
We can debate glassware
like the best of them. Towel colors.
Table lamps. How do we get
back to office furniture? The
laughter of a bum wheel on the
rolly cart. Is this the way to the
bathroom fixtures? Seriously, 
where is check out? Sweetheart, 
I want an IKEA life with you - 
one without exit.


We all know our better selves - 
the statue in the marble.
Michelangelo was the greatest artist
of his lifetime, glories untold.
"His nature was so rough and
uncouth," they wrote. "Domestic
habits were incredibly squalid." 
What art are you?
He wrote 300 sonnets and madrigals
to his Cavalieri - the greatest
object of his love. 
What are chapels but arms
reaching for another? Desire
but paint on the walls? 
What art are you?
"Never have I loved a man more
than I love you." We are made
most authentic when
handed chisel and rasp and look
into the gleam of another's eyes.