Introducing NewsBits

poet reading newspaper.jpg

NewsBits is a new feature on our website.  Please send me any 'news' on what Poetrybridge poets and storytellers are doing that you think might be of interest to the PoetryBridge community. 

Here is a sample of things to include:

Paul Nelson's website recently mentioned PoetryBridge and his reading at community Mic. Check it out at

David Fewster’s poem, Ocean Avenue, Fall 1977 was published in the September 2017 issue of Free Venice Beachhead, a monthly newspaper, published in Venice, California. You can read his poem on page 9 of the September Issue.

Koon Woon is being sponsored, with an all-expense paid trip, to give a reading at the Woodland Patterns, a literary center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin sometime next spring.

Koon Woon has also just won a grant from the City of Seattle's Arts & Culture Office to finish a book he is writing about bicultural adaptation and assimilation.